Matters of the heart are the lifeline of care that is signature to Straub Medical Center.

At Straub, 7,000 inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures performed each year. Of those, over 2,000 are lifesaving heart procedures. A highly skilled team of specialists delivers unsurpassed, comprehensive heart care that is comparable to leading cardiac care centers across the country.

With the community’s financial support, Straub is looking to evolve its heart program with even more innovative care through a new Hybrid Suite. The Hybrid Suite is a combination cardiovascular catheterization lab and surgical procedure room, which can host both catheter-based procedures and open heart surgeries. 

There are many benefits to having a Hybrid Suite at Straub.

  • Sophisticated high resolution imaging systems that will improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.
  • Live “real-time” intraoperative image guidance provides physicians with the ability to evaluate, intervene and assess the results of complex and minimally invasive procedures and open surgical cases.
  • An environment that physicians across medical specialties can collaborate for the best possible patient care.
  • The latest and most innovative treatments for some of our most fragile patients with complex medical problems.
  • Saves precious time and reduces risk when eliminating the need for moving patients to a different room for separate treatments.
  • Less trauma and less scarring for patients. Recovery and rehabilitation are accelerated.
  • Reduction of radiation levels that the patient receives during imaging.
  • Shorter hospitalization for post-surgery intensive care and length of stay.
  • Overall potential to significantly lower the cost of care while improving patient outcomes.

In the process of building the new Hybrid Suite, Straub will upgrade and enlarge its two existing Cath Labs providing an environment to accommodate the newest technology and the latest state-of-the-art procedures in electrophysiology and cardiac care.    

The reality is that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Having the most innovative medical technology has been a part of Straub’s nearly 100 year history and continues to drive plans for the hospital’s future. The Hybrid Suite is the optimal working environment for specialists for the best results and it will save lives in Hawaii for the people we know and love.

For more information on what Straub’s new Hybrid Suite offers and how you can help bring this advanced technology to our community contact Rick Piper at 808-522-3799 or at