Future. Forward. Straub.

Straub Medical Center is a nationally recognized leader for providing award-winning healthcare through patient experiences, innovative procedures and cutting-edge treatment options. Now Straub is redeveloping its existing hospital to build a healthcare campus of the future.

Straub Medical Center was founded as “The Clinic” on Jan. 21, 1921, by Dr. George F. Straub and his early physician partners. They shared a vision for one clinic where patients always came first and where the health needs of an entire family could be met under one roof.

Today, the award-winning Straub Medical Center remains focused on bringing new technology and medical techniques to Hawaii in order to provide the best care for our community. In 2021 Straub celebrated its 100th anniversary and its ongoing commitment to stay at the forefront of medicine for the next century. Straub’s healthcare campus of the future will reflect the not-for-profit organization’s vision to transform healthcare by providing the space, tools and resources necessary to impact all aspects of patient health – prevention, treatment, access and affordability.

To join us on this journey and learn more, please call the Straub Foundation at 808-522-3799.

Straub Medical Center Celebrating 100 Years

Founded by five physicians in 1921 with the vision to create a clinic where patients came first and the health needs of an entire family could be met under one roof, Straub has evolved over the past century into a leading provider of care to communities across the state. We’re excited to continue to bring the best possible care to our patients for the next 100 years.