Pali Momi Foundation

The spread of COVID-19 across Hawaii has required our health care teams to navigate and respond to this rapidly-evolving crisis. We are extremely grateful for the community’s support during this time of greatest medical need.”

Dawn M. Dunbar, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy, Hawaii Pacific Health

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Ways Your Support Helps

As a not-for-profit medical center, Pali Momi Medical Center relies on the community to fulfill its mission of creating a healthier Hawaii. Generous donors play a vital role in helping the medical center provide exceptional medical care for the people of Central and West Oahu.

Based in Aiea, Pali Momi is a 116-bed facility that has delivered many medical firsts for the community. It is home to West Oahu’s only interventional cardiac catheterization units and is a certified Primary Stroke Center.

Our dedicated funding opportunities channel your gifts to the areas you care about most. To learn more about the various funds created to support Pali Momi Medical Center, contact our foundation at 808-535-7100.

Protecting Our Community

It is our mission to create a healthier Hawaii. Never has our call to action to serve you and your family been more critical than it is right now. The health and well being of our entire state is being felt in every corner of Pali Momi Medical Center. With our steadfast commitment to resolve the COVID-19 crisis, we need you to join us in protecting our community. You can also help now through your donations for staffing and supplies. Our medical teams are working around the clock to help and heal as many people as possible during this unprecedented time. A gift to Pali Momi’s COVID-19 relief efforts will assist our patients, families and care providers.

Emergency Services

Emergency Department Fund

As the front-line for trauma and emergency care for Central and West Oahu, Pali Momi provides state-of-the-art care at the most critical times. This fund supports the medical center's Level III trauma program and ongoing trauma training for the staff. Pali Momi has provided 24/7 emergency care to the community since first opening in 1989.

Heart Care

Heart Care

The Pali Momi Heart Center provides a full range of state-of-the-art cardiology services for adults. Our highly trained physicians perform procedures to open arteries, treat and prevent heart attacks, and relieve chest pain. During cardiac emergencies, time is of the essence, so we have a Catheterization Lab team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Funding ensures our staff, services and technology are at the cutting edge.

Every Donation Counts

Gifts to our Hawaii Pacific Health medical centers enable us to:
  • Create programs for preventive care, lifesaving services and emotional support.
  • Invest resources to promote health and well-being.
  • Purchase equipment to advance technology.
  • Train physicians and caregivers and transform patient care now and for the future.