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Sunday | Kapiolani Medical Center


Kapiolani's Keiki Grams

Every year, 200 babies in Hawai‘i are born with heart disease and 3,000 are living with it every day. Children with heart disease need a lifetime of m...onitoring and challenges. Kapiolani’s Pediatric Heart Center will serve infants, children and women in need of comprehensive cardiac care in Hawai‘i and the Pacific Region. The Kapiolani Health Foundation Young Leaders is a team of young professionals who are dedicated to advocating for the mission of Kapiolani Medical Center through fundraising efforts and awareness.

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Send a Valentine's gift to a child in the hospital and receive a Valentine's gift of assorted baked goods, delivered to your office. To learn more about this event please visit

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All events, large or small, play a significant role in raising awareness and much-needed support. Our team is here to support you as you join in our efforts to create a healthier Hawaii. Contact us at or 808-535-7100

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