Haumea’s Therapy Room Dedication at Kapiolani

Haumea Friel has made a lasting impression on Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children in more ways than one.

To celebrate the 2022 National CMN Champion for being a role model for other patients, Kapiolani dedicated a room to Haumea in the medical center. A therapy room is now permanently named in her honor in the Rehabilitation Department. The new room sign recognizes Haumea for her courage and bravery throughout her medical journey and acknowledges “Team Haumea” for all her family and friends have donated to Kapiolani.

The special naming reveal included lots of pink and purple props which represented Haumea’s colors during her Kapiolani champion years in 2020 and 2021. Watch this video to see how festive this surprise announcement was for Haumea and her family. Professional surfer Megan Godinez even dropped by with a personalized gift for Haumea. It definitely was a memorable moment for everyone involved!