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Pali Momi: Supporting Emergency Care

Emergency care at Pali Momi Emergency care at Pali Momi
There are always new procedures, new ways of treating old illnesses. ... Every gift makes a difference.
Aaron Taylor, Pali Momi ED manager

To paraphrase a familiar adage, it takes a community to grow a hospital. At Pali Momi Medical Center, it is often small donations from people in the community that add up to large impacts.

That was the story behind the newly renovated Emergency Department waiting room.

“The new design has really allowed us to focus more attention on the patients coming in and helped us work more cohesively as a team,” said ED Manager Aaron Taylor. “It’s still a small area, but we have distinct areas where we can triage as a team in order to get patients evaluated quicker and give priority to those who need it most.”

Every minute counts when it comes to treating injuries in the ED. So much of the Emergency and Trauma Care donations to Pali Momi go toward building more efficiencies, be it through purchasing equipment to streamline the diagnostic process, or creating training opportunities for staff so they’re best prepared to treat whatever comes through the ED doors.

“There are always new procedures, new ways of treating old illnesses, and we as health care providers always have to be aware of what’s going on in the health care environment,” Taylor said. “Every gift makes a difference.”

“We need to ensure that we strongly support these types of services so that we can provide for the much-needed care for our ‘ohana,” said Wade Gesteuyala, who works in West O‘ahu and has given consistently to Pali Momi’s Emergency and Trauma programs since 2019.

“Pali Momi’s centralized location and the emergency services provided are critical as the population growth on this side of the island continues,” Gesteuyala said. “I am honored to be able to contribute.”